I came across this article in the New York Daily News the other day:

Video gamer hunts down stabs man who killed his online counterstrike character

The eventual inability of some people to distinguish between virtual reality and reality is a very troubling sign. The above is unfortunately not a one off case as there have been other cases where couples have been so engrossed in the virtual world that they forgot to take care of their own children.

As educators, how can we help our students maintain balance in this technological era?


For my last day-a-week practicum, I had to demonstrate to a Year 10 class how to create a loop using Garage Band. Unfortunately, cross platform preparations (Windows/MAC) often brings up unexpected hurdles. In this case, I had prepared my presentation using Microsoft Power Point 2007 for Windows, and had to use it on an IMAC.  Technically there should be no problems as Microsoft Power Point for MAC should easily open it. Accessing the presentation slides went well, unfortunately, whenever I tried to play the Youtube clip, the whole computer would freeze. Fortunately, the students were well behaved and while the class teacher tried to figure out the problem, I continued with my backup plan. Instead of using the IMAC, I used the laptop with Windows to continue with the presentation. Everything, went well till I had to access the Internet, at that point I had to switch back to the IMAC as that was the only method of accessing the Internet.  Hence, it is very important to be flexible and always have a back up plan. Technology is wonderful… when it works!

Group presentation

The focus was on creating digital documents based on Microsoft Office 2008 and saving it in PDF format.  This was presented by myself and another student.  Although it was not a successful presentation because of a misunderstanding of the requirements, I learned a lot from the preparation for this presentation.  I learned to:

Create a video capture of the computer screen and created a screen capture ‘How to’ video

Learned how to upload the video to You tube

Learned more about the IMAC and thus was more comfortable with it when called to use it during the current practicum

Learned about the various ways of converting a document into PDF format.

Great introduction to those who are not quite familiar to Web 2.0 applications for education.  For those who are familiar, there may be one or two that you may not even know of.  Check it out!!

Best web 2.0 applications 2009

Despite having to do the digital presentation twice, I found I really enjoyed it and learned even more..teamwork was also great! go Tommy!!

Our second presentation was on Google docs, and it definitely has potential for classroom use.

Finally we can now update our blogs! I find that I am getting fonder of this blog as time passes, hopefully will be able to add value to it everyday..

I have been fighting against being a part of the social aspect of the Internet, but now I have had to learn how to use it and be a part of it.  I’m glad I have!!

The more I work on WordPress, the more I like it and want to learn more about it.  The ePortfolio is an important part of being a teacher, and WordPress is a great way to post it online.

In a nutshell, to be an effective teacher, one needs to be in touch with what their students are currently using.  One can then use it to teach the students.

Twitter, here I come!!